Who I am

My name is Isabel and I am a portuguese hybrid designer.
First: because I'm addicted to do and learn, a lot of different things; Second: because I love the word.

Born In Lisbon, lived in Braga, studied in Viana do Castelo, worked in Ponte de Lima and O'Porto and now I'm back to Lisbon.
When I was a child I used to love mathematics and arts;
in highschool, I've discovered languages and psichology;
later I've graduated in Product Design
(going on Erasmus for 6 months in Germany).

Worked a lot with corporate communications, digital interfaces, graphic and web design freelance, exploring analytics and social networks, always working to deliver the best UX.
I guess that's me!
& my music.


Stuff I do

At Behance you can find some of my selected works.
If you want, feel free to check my Online CV.

  • Design

    Print & Digital
  • Html & CSS

    Love a good challenge
  • Photography

    On my happiest moments
  • Free time

    Family, Yoga, Travelling

Other Stuff

This was a small project for a special (entrepreneur) friend, that I've worked on design and development.
And this is my grandparents house, a Charm Hotel
(the website is still WIP).

I've volunteered for the Portuguese Red Cross,
as a lifeguard member of the rescue team.
Also started ambulance driving lessons at that time.

Once, I've built part of the bricks and ciment of a house, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity Portugal.

Later I've volunteered for Refood, helping to avoid food waste and helping people in need.
The most recent volunteer experience I've had, was helping organize bi-weekly meetings of Biodanza for people with Parkinson.

Since 2014, I've started organizing local meetings of Ladies That UX in Lisbon